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How We Become What We Obsess Over

It is not a difficult process for human beings to become obsessed with something, whether it is clothes, money, people, or other objects. The movie “Mean Girls” portrays the problem of many teenage American high school students that struggle with balancing traditional values with desires such as popularity and materialism.
Obsession is often credited for clouding sound judgment. Once an individual is completely fixated with another object or person, other priorities begin to lose value, and the object of obsession begins to increase in value. It often reaches the point of dominating the person’s thought Continue reading How We Become What We Obsess Over

Best Friend Dynamics In Teen Movies

From the many blockbuster hits that have graced us with their presence over the years, to romantic comedies and even teen movies, one thing has been certain. Along with the main character who keeps us interested in the film, there is another dynamic which is typically present in order to provide comic relief during downtime and “black moments,” otherwise referred to as the moments after smaller climactic scenes. The best friend is always there to say something humorous in order to help set the mood for the next scene.Want more? Click here/tag

In the movie “The Hangover,” the best friend Continue reading Best Friend Dynamics In Teen Movies

Rachel McAdams: What’s She Been Up To

Rachel McAdams was born and raised in Canada. When she was just 4 years old, she was competing in figure skating and by the time she turned 13, she had joined a summer theater camp and was performing plays written by Shakespeare. Throughout high school, she avoided considering taking on an acting-related college major but was coaxed into it by one of her favorite drama instructors.

Throughout her professional acting career, she has enjoyed many major roles and co-star roles alike. She Continue reading Rachel McAdams: What’s She Been Up To

Are High Schools Today Really So Dramatic?

Some may wonder if High Schools today are as dramatic as what appears in films like Mean Girls. Honestly, that answer will depend upon the unique experiences of those in High School. There will be those teenagers that experience a lot of drama and then there will be those teens that don-t. However, it is pretty safe say that most teens in High School will experience more than their fair share of drama over a four year period.

It is also wise to point out that drama is not exactly a new creation in the encapsulated world Continue reading Are High Schools Today Really So Dramatic?