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Mean Girls Review + Lindsay Lohan’s Acting Career

Lindsay Lohan’s Acting Career and Review of Mean Girls

Hey everyone, Valentines Day is here again and it is awful as usual so I am just watching Mean Girls and figured I would write a general review for any non-plastics out there who have yet to see the movie. Mean Girls is a clever, smart and unmitigated look into the darker nature of both teenagers and the North American high school experience. It stars Lindsay Lohan as Cady a girl who, up until the start of the movie, was living with her zoologist parents in Africa. She comes to America into a complex and strange society of consumerism, cars, fashion, credit cards and credit card debt settlement companies – but her greatest challenge is adjusting to high school and the ritualized bullying that runs rampant between cliques and the disenfranchised.

Mean Girls at its heart is a comedy and follows the exploits of Lohans character as she does battle with the queen bee cliques and, ultimately, exposes the cruelty and ignorance of her fellow teenagers. We the viewer are given a unique perspective into this world through the eyes of a person who has spent most of her life in Africa and, thus, has never had to deal with such superficial trivialities. Even though the core of the narrative presents a tragic reality about the high school world, you never quite feel like the movie is overextending itself or preaching.

So if you are looking for a high school movie with adults in mind, then pick up Mean Girls!

Lindsay Lohan’s Career

Nowadays, Lindsay Lohan is probably known to some more for her troubles with the law than for her acting and music career. Not to mention she has a clothing line company called 6126, which is becoming harder to find in department stores. It wasn’t too long ago that Lindsay Lohan was a bankable star who had a few box office hits including Freaky Friday which earned over 160 million dollars and Mean Girls which grossed over 129 million worldwide.Confused? Here ‘s a little help .

Lindsay, who is now 25 years old, Continue reading Mean Girls Review + Lindsay Lohan’s Acting Career

Home Energy Sources

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Natural Gas


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Fuel Oil


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Whether you are shopping for a home, considering a change in your home’s source(s) of energy or simply wish to know more about why your utility bill fluctuates from one season to the next, understanding how your home is powered will enable you to make sound decisions for your lifestyle, your wallet and even the environment.

What Does Mean Girls Imply About Home Schooling

Mean Girls is all about the conflict and confusion of 16-year-old Cady Heron as she moves from the jungles of Africa to the jungles of suburban American high school. However, the movie implies that much of her confusion stems from the fact that she has been home schooled for her entire life up until this point. When she arrives at a public high school, she is portrayed as totally unprepared to deal with the social cliques Continue reading What Does Mean Girls Imply About Home Schooling

How We Become What We Obsess Over

It is not a difficult process for human beings to become obsessed with something, whether it is clothes, money, people, or other objects. The movie “Mean Girls” portrays the problem of many teenage American high school students that struggle with balancing traditional values with desires such as popularity and materialism.
Obsession is often credited for clouding sound judgment. Once an individual is completely fixated with another object or person, other priorities begin to lose value, and the object of obsession begins to increase in value. It often reaches the point of dominating the person’s thought Continue reading How We Become What We Obsess Over

What Mean Girls Can Teach Us About Revenge.

When faced with a confronation boys will often physically fight and then shake hands. The winner gains a pained respect from the loser, alpha status is established, and everyone learns to accept their place in the hierarchy system.

Girls, not so much.

Girls – even Mean Girls – typically do not like to physically fight; even when the adrenaline is rushing they know it will be intolerable to become the loser simply because someone else is stronger. Revenge becomes the weapon of choice. Revenge can be subtle or bombastic, obvious or covert. Mean Girls shows us it will Continue reading What Mean Girls Can Teach Us About Revenge.

Best Friend Dynamics In Teen Movies

From the many blockbuster hits that have graced us with their presence over the years, to romantic comedies and even teen movies, one thing has been certain. Along with the main character who keeps us interested in the film, there is another dynamic which is typically present in order to provide comic relief during downtime and “black moments,” otherwise referred to as the moments after smaller climactic scenes. The best friend is always there to say something humorous in order to help set the mood for the next scene.Want more? Click here/tag

In the movie “The Hangover,” the best friend Continue reading Best Friend Dynamics In Teen Movies

Rachel McAdams: What’s She Been Up To

Rachel McAdams was born and raised in Canada. When she was just 4 years old, she was competing in figure skating and by the time she turned 13, she had joined a summer theater camp and was performing plays written by Shakespeare. Throughout high school, she avoided considering taking on an acting-related college major but was coaxed into it by one of her favorite drama instructors.

Throughout her professional acting career, she has enjoyed many major roles and co-star roles alike. She Continue reading Rachel McAdams: What’s She Been Up To

Are High Schools Today Really So Dramatic?

Some may wonder if High Schools today are as dramatic as what appears in films like Mean Girls. Honestly, that answer will depend upon the unique experiences of those in High School. There will be those teenagers that experience a lot of drama and then there will be those teens that don-t. However, it is pretty safe say that most teens in High School will experience more than their fair share of drama over a four year period.

It is also wise to point out that drama is not exactly a new creation in the encapsulated world Continue reading Are High Schools Today Really So Dramatic?

Mean Girl’s Place in Tina Fey’s Career

Tina Fey has earned her current place as one of the world’s leading comediennes. Respected for her smart and humorous writing, satirical character impersonations and impeccable comedic timing. For a long time in her career, she was known merely as a talented comedy writer. However, that eventually grew into occasional short appearances on Saturday Night Live, which led into a prominent and permanent lead role on SNL’s comedic cast for several years.

Following her success in SNL, Tina Fey became a break out movie star when Continue reading Mean Girl’s Place in Tina Fey’s Career