What Mean Girls Can Teach Us About Revenge.

When faced with a confronation boys will often physically fight and then shake hands. The winner gains a pained respect from the loser, alpha status is established, and everyone learns to accept their place in the hierarchy system.

Girls, not so much.

Girls – even Mean Girls – typically do not like to physically fight; even when the adrenaline is rushing they know it will be intolerable to become the loser simply because someone else is stronger. Revenge becomes the weapon of choice. Revenge can be subtle or bombastic, obvious or covert. Mean Girls shows us it will also cause obsession, self destruction, and paranoia. Revenge demands internalization of problems between oneself and another – and that’s unhealthy. Justice will empower you, revenge wil not. The Mean Girls did not understand this difference.

Ironically and fortunately for them, the Mean Girls take revenge so far there is no other way but out. All the energy put toward destroying each other becomes exhausting, or worse – boring. In the process they each realize the duality of their actions, and learn how flaws can convert to strengths. It’s not necessary to like everyone, but it is necessary to respect others whenever possible.