Are High Schools Today Really So Dramatic?

Some may wonder if High Schools today are as dramatic as what appears in films like Mean Girls. Honestly, that answer will depend upon the unique experiences of those in High School. There will be those teenagers that experience a lot of drama and then there will be those teens that don-t. However, it is pretty safe say that most teens in High School will experience more than their fair share of drama over a four year period.

It is also wise to point out that drama is not exactly a new creation in the encapsulated world of High School life. The film Mean Girls might take place in the modern world of a nondescript High School but the events that are depicted in it are not likely presented at their inception point. In other words, such drama has likely existed long before the time period in which this particular film takes place.

The common trials and tribulations of High School life are just that: common. There are just certain truisms about life when you are young and a film like Mean Girls captures it pretty intently. However, the level of drama presented in it is nothing new as it has been around a long time.