Mean Girl’s Place in Tina Fey’s Career

Tina Fey has earned her current place as one of the world’s leading comediennes. Respected for her smart and humorous writing, satirical character impersonations and impeccable comedic timing. For a long time in her career, she was known merely as a talented comedy writer. However, that eventually grew into occasional short appearances on Saturday Night Live, which led into a prominent and permanent lead role on SNL’s comedic cast for several years.

Following her success in SNL, Tina Fey became a break out movie star when she wrote and appeared in the hit blockbuster movie “Mean Girls.” Starring the then-successful young movie starlet Lindsay Lohan, Mean Girls proved to be a smart, funny and entertaining movie that was hailed by critics and enjoyed by movie goers of all demographics – young and old, male and female. Mean Girls cemented Tina Fey’s role in the entertainment industry as a multi-talented and profitable force that deserved high praise.

Through her success in sketch comedy television and Mean Girls, Tina Fey was able to launch herself into even greater success, with a hit show on NBC, 30 Rock, more successful movies like “Baby Mama” and a New York Times best-selling memoir. Though not her first or only hit by any means, Mean Girls certainly helped catapult Tina Fey from television success into Hollywood super stardom.